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Bestech Group is the most popular business of real estate in the country and it is ISO 9001:2000 certified company. The quality and satisfaction of customer have helped a lot in their success. The qualified engineers, technicians, and other skills of the personnel make the company's capacity huge and a remarkable team. The Bestech Group is famous for its timely delivery, dedication and loyalty in their work. We understand the needs and desires of the customers thoroughly and always try to give them the superlative and modern outcome.

Bestech Group was discovered in early 90s by Mr. Dharmendra Bhandari & Mr. Sunil Satija. This group have grown very fast and achieved lot of success. Bestech Group is popular for the commercial, residential, retail and hospitality development in the country. There are many projects which Bestech had completed and in progress let's have a look.

Residential Projects - Bestech's goal is always to deliver the best and think of the best and unique design of their residential projects. This group has huge construction into the residential projects in Gurgaon. The main features of their housing apartments are high class benchmarks and open space with best architectural design. Let's have a look on the projects of Bestech.

·   Current Projects

1. Park View Grand Spa, Gurgaon

2. Park View Ananda, Gurgaon

3. Park View Spa, Gurgaon

4. Park View Spa Next, Gurgaon

·   Completed Projects

1. Park View Residency, Gurgaon

2. Park View City, Gurgaon

3. Park View City 2, Gurgaon

Commercial Projects - We at Bestech always provide you with the dazzling, cheerful and satisfied future by the innovation and high heights in terms of buildings. We have many projects in Gurgaon which are very popular and known. The smart and innovative design and dedicative work proves in terms of the company growth. Below are the lists of the projects.

·   Current Projects

1. Orient Bestech Business Tower

·   Completed Projects

1. Bestech Cyber Park, Gurgaon

2. Bestech Business Tower, Gurgaon

·   Recently commenced

1. Athena Tower, Gurgaon

2. Bestech City gate, Gurgaon

Retail – Bestech in retail market is taking its new growth by capturing the market want and needs and giving builiding on lease also. We always try to understand the requirements of the people and then circulate them into our projects. Let’s have a look on some of are projects in gurgaon.

·   Completed Projects

1. Centre Point, Gurgaon

2. Central Square, Gurgaon

·   Recently commenced

1. Anthena, Gurgaon


·   Radisson Suites in Gurgaon is the perfect hotel for the tourists. It has all amenities like fitness centre, broadband internet, Bar lounge, Pastry shop and all facilities for conducting meeting and events.

There are many other projects of Bestech all over the country which are very successful and innovative. We always believe to make the new edge in the field of Real Estate Development. We have the ability to of conceptualization with 100% implementation and delivery.  So Just pick up your phone and call to book your dream space with us.

Bestech New Residential Projects in Gurgaon

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